A Study on Social Marketing in the Publishing Industry: The Case of the Small Press

Project Description

Research Paper: Black Rose Books would like to commission a study on the use and impact of social marketing platforms such as facebook and twitter in the Canadian publishing industry, and particularly for the small press. We would also like a guide to best practices that could be implemented

We would use the study to help create a marketing strategy using social media, allowing us to get our ideas out to a larger audience.

It empowers small presses with the tools required to compete in an increasingly concentrated publishing industry.

Project Size:

10-15 page document.

Smaller (One Semester)

10 Weeks, negotiable number of hours per week

Desired Skills in Student Researcher

While fields such as Communications or Business might be the best fit, there is no requirement as such. However, the person should be interested in the field of publishing as this research paper offers a great opportunity to build an understanding of the industry.

About Black Rose Books:

We are a Montreal-based publisher of alternative ideas in the social sciences and the humanities. We have been publishing books that deal with all forms of marginalization for 40 years, with the intention of generating a discussion about the larger issues surrounding inequality and exploitation.

We represent authors and activists who have ideas that they would like to share with an audience.